Liniform helps businesses protect the life of their plumbing by offering a simple, yet effective solution for keeping urinals and toilets clean and odor free.

The OmniGuard system installs in seconds and is safe for the environment.


  • Requires no tools for installation
  • Uses a powerful, yet safe, cleaner to remove years of calculus build-up in your plumbing
  • Removes pipe build up which eliminates the major source of urinal odor
  • Contains no paradicholorobenzene and no harsh chemicals so it is safe for the environment
  • The refill containers are made from recyclable plastic
  • Time Release Control minimizes labor and manual cleaning
  • Helps Prevent Costly Plumbing Bills
  • Battery/Fuel Cell Free

F-Matic Toilet Bowl Clips provide effective odor control for any toilet

  • Easy Installation, simply clips in to place
  • Fits nearly every toilet
  • Lasts for 30 days
  • Continuous odor control and air freshening
  • Available in three scents to match the F-One air freshener
  • VOC compliant and completely recyclable

F-Matic Urinal Guards deodorize urinals and protect against pipe clogging

  • Utilizes enzymes to continuously fight odors and clean the urinal
  • Conforms to the urinal to prevent foreign objects from entering and clogging the urinal pipes
  • Works effectively for 30 days
  • Reduces splash back
  • Works in wet and dry urinals
  • VOC compliant in all 50 states, gentle on pipes, no harsh cleaners and no ozone depleting ingredients

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