Why Use a Restroom Supplier for your Business?

Customers make permanent judgments on your restaurant, fitness center or hotel based on the maintenance of your bathrooms.

Employees that view common areas and restrooms as germ infested traps are less likely to enjoy coming to work each day, thereby negatively impacting their work performance.

Liniform solves these critical concerns by providing and maintaining all of your hygienic and odor control needs.

Why Use Liniform for Your Restroom Supply Needs?

Liniform saves time and money by providing cost effective solutions for paper supplies, hand care, urinal and bathroom cleaning supplies and odor control systems. Liniform has been in the business since 1924 and over the years have had the opportunity to build relationships with the best vendors and suppliers in the industry.

Businesses that utilize the Liniform replenishment services know that we work directly with each company to provide the best solutions and offer the highest quality and most cost effective programs.

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