We provide a broad line of hygiene and industrial paper product solutions for just about any need. Our dispensers are simple, efficient, and reliable.

Our enclosed dispensers:

  • Keep paper dry, hygienic, and contaminant free.
  • Include tamper-resistant locks to stop pilferage and vandalism.
  • Meet all ADA installation requirements.
  • Are available in graphite.
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Toilet Tissue – An Economic Solution

Our toilet tissue dispensers save as much as 48 single rolls by preventing pilferage or vandalism, core or stub waste, and over consumption, while also minimizing labor costs.

Our high-capacity dispensers require less maintenance:

  • Conventional systems have 96 rolls per case x 3 minutes to change = 4.8 hours
  • Our large system uses 6 rolls per case x 3 minutes to change = 18 minutes

Our toilet paper dispensers stop over consumption:

  • Conventional systems waste 9.6 rolls per case from theft and end core loss (no one picks up a roll of paper from the floor)

Hand Towels

Our high-capacity hand towel dispensers require less maintenance and stops cross-contamination; the one who touches the towel uses it. We can provide center feed, multi fold, c-fold, and hard wound paper towels.

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