Keep your building, communal areas and lavatories fresh with an odor neutralization and odor elimination system from Liniform. We offer a variety of options for your business depending on your specific needs.

F-MATIC One Passive Air System

The F-MATIC ONE Passive Air System offers 60 days of odor control in an environmentally responsible way. This system doesn’t just mask odors but effectively fights them with a proven molecular odor-counteractant.

  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet
  • Reliable gravity-operated system
  • No batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power

F-MATIC Twist 60 Day Passive Air Freshener

F-MATIC has designed a cartridge that is completely spill-proof after activation. Twist activation is nearly effortless with our patented two-step ‘twist and click’ execution, an audible CLICK signaling that the cartridge is activated and sealed against leakage.

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