Keep your building, communal areas and lavatories fresh with an odor neutralization and odor elimination system from Liniform. We offer a variety of options for your business depending on your specific needs.

F-MATIC High Performance Gels

Our high-performance gel fragrance cartridges are made with organic ingredients and botanical fragrance oils. Service is faster and safer with our “Pop and Twist” removable seal, one of the strongest foil seals in the industry that prevents fragrance leakage prior to installation.

  • 30 days of odor control and air enhancement.
  • Fast and safe installation; no knives, no spills!
  • Available in 6 scents

F-MATIC One Passive Air System

The F-MATIC ONE Passive Air System offers 60 days of odor control in an environmentally responsible way. This system doesn’t just mask odors but effectively fights them with a proven molecular odor-counteractant.

  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet
  • Reliable gravity-operated system
  • No batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power

F-MATIC Metered Dry Deodorizers

Dry deodorizers stop drips on walls and pooling on floors, reducing the risk of falls. Stop
masking odors and fight them instead using a dual odor-counteracting system.

  • No glycol ether; ultra-dry formula
  • 6 micron particle size for an ultra-dry, ultra-fine, long-suspension spray
  • Fits most competitive metered dispensers
  • Available in Cinnamon, Mango and Linen Fresh Fragrances

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