Microfiber works electrostatically so dust and dirt are attracted directly to the mop pad. The accumulated dirt is held within the pad and not redistributed around the room during cleaning.

Scrubbing Wet Mop Pads

  • Most popular pad sold
  • Constructed with horizontal lines of polypropylene that lift the mop off the floor surface
  • Provides excellent gliding ability
  • Allows for extra scrubbing power
  • Ideal for uneven stone and granite surfaces
  • Color coding available
  • 18” is ideal for small rooms and restrooms
  • 20” size is recommended for hallways, offices and larger work areas

Looped Wet Mop Pads

  • Mop glides easily across most floor surfaces
  • Ideal for many types of floors – high gloss, marble, tile and wood
  • Excellent absorbency and leave floors streak free

Lockable Aluminum/Plastic mop head frames

  • Light weight and equipped with an easy to use mechanism that connects to the 71” Telescopic Aluminum Handle
  • Mop head frame can be locked in place or disengage the simple locking device for a mop head frame that can swivel at a 360 degree angle