A crisp, white doctor’s coat projects an air of confidence that patients expect. Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Dental and Doctor Offices have traditionally used uniforms to instill confidence and a sense of professionalism for their patients.

Liniform understands your concern to promote a clean, sanitary environment for your employees. The unique challenge of providing patient care in the medical field requires each employee maintain high standards of cleanliness while looking sharp. Professional cleaning care of employee uniforms is critical to your business and your patients’ health and safety.

Choosing Uniforms for Healthcare

Uniforms are easy to maintain, especially with Liniform’s easy pick-up and delivery service. As with all industries, healthcare uniforms ensure a consistent appearance. Liniform offers an affordable uniform selection in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

  • Positively Affordable
  • Enhance employee morale, loyalty and helps create a team spirit
  • Enhances worker safety

You can be confident that uniform services by Liniform help you achieve an excellent image of professionalism. Service you can count on! Fresh uniforms are delivered, and soiled laundry is picked up on a schedule you can rely on.

Why Liniform for your Uniform Needs?

All lengths and styles of lab coats and doctor’s coats are available from the vast selections from Liniform.

Liniform works with doctor and dental offices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, long term care and senior centers to maintain and provide regularly scheduled deliveries of a comprehensive selection of healthcare uniforms:

  • Doctor and Dentist jackets
  • Scrub Shirts and Pants
  • Surgical Wrappers
  • Nurses uniforms
  • Lab coats
  • Dental Hygienist’s uniforms
  • Uniforms for Anesthesiologists, Medical and Dental Assistants
  • And more.

Choose the professional solutions for all your uniform attire. Liniform offers a wide selection of uniforms for rent, or purchase.

Contact us today for more information about how Liniform offers comfort and cost savings for you and your employees.