In the hospital, doctor and dentist office environment, linens are used in a variety of ways. Lab coats, uniforms, bedding, towels and patient examining gowns are just a small example of the products Liniform can provide.

Liniform’s commitment to excellence and outstanding service is compatible with your goal to provide the best patient care possible. It is important to instill patient confidence in your staff and organization. Fresh, clean linens for your hospital, lab, physicians’ or dentists’ office is an important detail that should not be overlooked.

Every medical practice is unique and has its own specific linen needs. Ohio practices can partner with a healthcare linen provider that understands and meets these needs. 

Liniform’s Medical Linen Provide Optimum Protection and Comfort

Liniform’s commitment to excellence and outstanding service helps Ohio medical practices provide the best patient care possible. It is essential to instill patient confidence in staff and the organization. That’s where our products shine! We offer:


Staying overnight in a medical facility is rarely something patients look forward to. Liniform offers bedding linen that help make their stay more comfortable. Our bedsheets and pillowcases are made of soft materials that retain a comfortable temperature throughout their use. We also provide blankets of varying sizes and functions, such as warm-up blankets, for individual patient needs.


Liniform provides the tools that healthcare staff need to maintain cleanliness in their facility. Our washcloths are ideal for cleaning up chemicals, blood, vomit, and other common messes found in healthcare environments.

Patient Gowns

We provide patient gowns that cover up their wearers and keep them safe without sacrificing their comfort. They are ergonomic and made with comfortable materials that help keep wearers calm no matter what they are going through.

Lab Coats

Liniform’s lab coats fit just about any wearer with a full range of motion. They look professional and, like with all of our products, we wash them ourselves as part of our laundry service. Liniform is OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Control compliant, ensuring that our lab coats and other products are safe for a healthcare environment.

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