Why Consider Linens for Your Business?

Environmentally conscious business owners and buyers are switching to reusable cloth linens for their businesses, and restaurants. Liniform helps you maintain the integrity of your linens with regularly scheduled pick up and delivery times. Disposable paper products incur disposal costs and in the case of the healthcare industry, must be disposed of as bio-hazardous waste; a very expensive proposition.


Choose the team at Liniform to service all your staff and patient linens. We offer complete linen supplies clean and sanitized, including doctor and patient garments, surgical center, healthcare facilities and lab uniforms. As you know, these items require careful handling and washing. Liniform, as your team of trusted professionals, is ready to expertly handle your biomedical linen needs! Click here for more info.


Productivity, performance, and protection are essential to top performance in your industry. Set your standards for employee pride by using denim machine aprons to protect employee’s garments, increase safety, and help your company look its best. Protect yourself against unexpected repair bills by taking advantage of fender covers, towels and shop cloths offered by Liniform. It might be easy to overlook such simple, yet functional items-until you’re paying for expensive auto refinishing because of damage caused by tools, belt buckles or diagnostic equipment. Click here for more info.


Disposable paper products are costly. Linens are durable, reusable and present a more elegant, professional image. Improve your establishment ratings by using crisp, clean, linens. Providing high quality linens that are professionally laundered and pressed is a sure way to impress your guests. Wedding planners, caterers and event coordinators trust Liniform to supply a variety of colors, styles and sizes in table linens. Make your special events memorable for your clients. Liniform has a vast collection of table cloths, napkins and other linens available for rent, or purchase. Click here for more info.