Employees recognize and appreciate the importance of a clean, safe workplace. The right combination of industrial linens can encourage employees to take pride in maintaining high work standards. If you care, your employees will care.

Our locally owned and operated headquarters is a TEC certified Green facility. We have taken the initiative to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions to help protect the environment. By ordering your linens from Liniform you can be confident in the fact that our state of the art laundering process is not only effective but also environmentally safe.

Why Linens for your Industrial Facility?

Liniform offers a number of solutions for industrial businesses including linens, towels and shop cloths. Select from a variety of sizes and materials. Your Liniform sales representative is ready to assist you in selecting the most advantageous pick-up, delivery, and cleaning service for your plant needs.

Why Liniform for your Linen Needs?

Liniform is a trusted, professional service and has successfully partnered with numerous Industrial clients in Northeast Ohio providing total solutions for shop cloths, uniforms, mats, mops, and restroom supplies. Services available also include hygiene paper products, Soyl industrial soap, antibacterial soaps and sanitizers.

We are dedicated to helping your company look distinctive and operate at optimal levels. Liniform is small enough to provide customized service, yet large enough to provide very competitive pricing.

Contact us today for more information about how Liniform offers convenience and cost savings for your company.